30+ years
100+ products
19 countries

Béres Pharmaceuticals is an independent, family-owned Hungarian pharmaceutical company, which markets and distributes its health protection products in many countries around the world. 

Béres is one of the best known and most respected brands in Hungary, and is named after the legendary inventor, Dr. József Béres Sr.

Béres Pharmaceuticals was established in 1989 to manufacture and distribute Béres Drops, and has since grown into a company of international importance.

From the very beginning, Béres products have combined innovation, expertise, scientific substantiation, and reliable, high quality.


The mission of Béres Pharmaceuticals is to improve the health of people and to develop their health awareness. It contributes, through its products, to the protection of health and to the prevention and treatment of diseases.


  • Protection of human life and health
  • Development and innovation
  • Expertise and quality
  • Fairness in matters of business
  • Ethical communication
  • People-centred workplace
  • Social and national responsibility
  • Independence, flexibility and long-term planning