International Scope

We place great emphasis on our export markets.

More than 26% of the group’s turnover comes from exports, and that share is growing rapidly.

We have our own representative offices in Romania and Ukraine.

Our products are marketed in many other countries: the UK, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Lithuania, Turkey, Mongolia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Ghana.

As part of our business development strategy, Béres products are marketed under the brand names of our partners in Hungary and/or various foreign markets:

  • in the United Kingdom, through our collaboration with Thornton & Ross Ltd, we are present in the complementary therapeutic field of osteoporosis,
  • in collaboration with Zentiva, we are also present in the complementary therapeutic field of osteoporosis in the Czech Republic and Slovakia,
  • in Hungary, we market various jointly owned products together with Richter Gedeon Pharmaceuticals,
  • since 2009, we have also been collaborating with the Romanian branch of Richter Gedeon.