The foundation of Béres’s new production department has been laid

With the largest investment so far by Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd, construction continues apace at the company’s Szolnok plant. The development, amounting to HUF 6.7 billion, includes the construction of a new production plant, the expansion of warehousing capacity, and the purchasing of new production and laboratory equipment. The foundation stone for the new building was laid by Minister of Finance Mihály Varga and Dr. József Béres, Chairman of Béres Pharmaceuticals.

As a result of the many developments implemented since Béres Ltd was established in 1989, the company has become the largest Hungarian-owned pharmaceuticals manufacturer in Hungary. With a market share of 39%, the company is the market leader in disease-prevention and healthcare products. Its products are of proven and recognised efficacy and enjoy huge popularity among the public. Béres Drops is the best-known immune-boosting product in the country.

The company bought the site in Szolnok back in 1995, and if we include the latest investment, it has made more than 15 billion forints’ worth of property development and machinery and equipment purchases there so far. The number of staff working at the site has grown from an initial 64 to 379 today, making Béres the tenth largest private employer in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county.

The current development was made necessary by the growing demand for Béres products. The HUF 6.7 billion investment, which represents the state of the art in terms of technology, will increase the production area of Béres Pharmaceuticals by 2,050 m2. The production of its flagship product, Béres Drops, will be modernised through the installation of a robot technology production line. The company will also purchase production and laboratory equipment, expand its warehouse capacity and develop its infrastructure. The investment is being partially funded with a non-reimbursable government grant of HUF 3.04 billion thanks to the Ministry of Finance’s Large Enterprise Investment Support Programme.

“The Béres Pharmaceuticals investment is an important development for national economy as well. I’m pleased to see that the company has good market positions not only in Hungary, but is also present in several neighbouring countries,” said Minister of Finance Mihály Varga in his speech. He went on to emphasise: “We need as many Hungarian brands as possible in the international market, so any companies that are committed to achieving this can count on the government for support.”

At the festive laying of the foundation stone for the new production unit, Dr. József Béres, Chairman of Béres Pharmaceuticals, said: “Today we have nearly 150 products on the market, many of which are market leaders. Our previous investments provided short-term, partial solutions to bottlenecks in our production capacities; with this latest, large-scale investment we will be able to safely meet market demand for our products over the long term. Our main market is Hungary, but with this latest development we’re establishing a solid production base to support our rapidly growing export activities. We’re grateful for the support of the Hungarian government, because we could not have implemented a development of this scale on our own. We firmly believe that this investment will pay off for the country as well.”

Dr. József Béres ended his speech with the following words: “There’s a tree in the factory garden that was planted by my father. It has a symbolic meaning: through his work he also planted a tree – one that clung to the earth, took root and bore fruit. As the tree-planters of today, must follow the example set by those who came before us and carry on their good work. The way they did it: with honour, honesty and diligence – and that’s no small task!”

Published on:2020.10.15