9 interesting facts that most people don’t know about Béres Drops

The popular Hungarian invention, the immune-boosting preparation that plays an important role in the lives of many of us, has been with us for more than five decades now. And yet there are many things less know about the helpful drops of Dr. József Béres Sr.

1. The person who named the product

Few people know that its name was given by Szilveszter E. Vizi, a professor of medicine who was the head of a department at the Ministry of Health at the time and who later became president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. “We didn’t know anything about marketing. We weren’t concerned about researching names or doing market research – we only had our common sense to rely on”, writes Klára Béres in her book Life in a Drop, recounting the reminiscences of Dr. József Béres Sr. “In the midst of the pondering, Szilveszter piped up, as if expressing the most obvious thought in the world: What if we simply call it Béres Drops? And we agreed on that.”

2. An inventor ahead of his time

When asked about his research of almost two decades, Dr. József Béres Sr. always emphasised that the main goal of his work was to identify the essential trace elements necessary for the healthy functioning of the human body and then to provide them to the body in the most beneficial way. That is, to find the “what”, the “how much” and the “how”. It is now a generally accepted scientific fact that there are so-called trace elements that are necessary for the many thousands of biochemical processes in the body to take place in the appropriate way, i.e. these trace elements are vital for healthy functioning. This was only partially recognised back in 1972, and as such, the research of Dr. József Béres Sr. was ahead of its time. In the absence of a scientific reference point, he determined the essential trace elements through consistent measurements, drawing on the results of experiments carried out over many years, primarily in agriculture.

3. The right quantity

Needless to say, it is also important to know what quantity these substances need to be in, in order for them to fulfil their physiological function, as if only a small amount of them enters the body, a deficiency occurs, but if there is a larger quantity of them present than is necessary, the sensitive biochemical balance of the body is upset, and this can cause problems of its own.  It is a reflection of Dr. József Béres Sr.’s demanding approach to scientific enquiry that his results have stood the test of time: the quantities he determined are still the right amounts for compensating deficiencies in the body.

4. The right ratio

The living body is an extremely complex organism; the biochemical processes that keep us alive are characterised by a strict internal balance, meaning that everything is interdependent. Trace elements can strengthen or weaken each other through the interactions between them. An example being iron and copper. Both play an important role in blood formation, but an excessive amount of either of them will result in a decrease in the utilisation of the other. This is why an overdose of copper can result in iron deficiency. It is clear, therefore, that besides getting the absolute quantity of the individual trace elements right, the ratio of these elements relative to each other is also important. Dr. József Béres Sr. did outstanding work in this field too.

5. The right form

It was important for Dr. József Béres Sr. to find the most efficient way for the body to absorb the active substances. The liquid form proved to be the most suitable for this. In his invention, which is unique to this day, essential trace elements for humans are present in a special form, linked to organic molecules by a coordinative bond. This ensures the proper utilisation of these active ingredients in the body. Later studies have proved his theory correct, as the active substances of Béres Drops – thanks in part to their liquid form – are easily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, thus ensuring that they are appropriately utilised.

6. Manufactured using a world-class production line

The Béres Drops production line was fully upgraded in 2021. The solution is prepared in thousand-litre tanks under special conditions: the oxygen content in the air is replaced by neutral nitrogen and ideal temperature conditions are ensured. The solution is filled by a machine equipped with robotised units: one bottle rolls off the production line every second. A high-speed camera system ensures that each bottle contains the right amount of solution, with a dropper insert and cap. The label is then affixed. As a final step after packaging, a precision checkweigher individually checks that each finished box is complete.

7. It has even been to space!

Colonel Anatoly Pavlovich Artsebarsky, a prominent figure in Soviet space navigation, also performed long-term space service at the Mir space station as the commander responsible for Soyuz TM-12 research. He was first introduced to Béres Drops in connection with his job. He tested it, and then took it to Star City, where it was also used by other cosmonauts in the corps. Béres Drops even made it to the Mir space station. On the occasion of his 75th birthday, Dr. József Béres Sr. was awarded the Gagarin Diploma by the Presidential Office of the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia, and in 2000 he was personally awarded the Gagarin Medal by Artsebarsky for his services in helping cosmonauts readapt to the terrestrial environment following space flight.

8. A living witness to the humble beginnings

Mrs Károly Veczán, affectionately known as Auntie Éva, a pensioner from Nyíregyháza, knew Dr. József Béres Sr. from the time the inventor’s now famous drops were still just an idea. Auntie Éva worked in the library the researcher often visited, so she would confidently turn to him for help when she needed it. And she got it. She told the story of her surprising recovery in the 1976 documentary Az utolsó szó jogán (The Right to the Last Word) and told it again in 2002 in a film celebrating the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Drops. The bond between Auntie Éva and the Béres family has been strong ever since. She turned 90 this year. She’s still in good health, happy with her family and content with her life. Even today, she looks back on the old days with fondness and affection, and remembers the kindness of Dr. József Béres Sr., who selflessly helped her and so many of her contemporaries.

9. Continuous service

For a time, huge lines snaked in front of Dr. József Béres Sr.’s house in Kisvárda. Many people received help from him, and he gave his invention to those who came to him without asking for payment. This strong desire to help others, a spirit of caring, still burns strongly in his family and at the company. The Béres Foundation has been working tirelessly to help the needy, sick and elderly in a systematic and organised manner since 1993. The total value of their donations so far is more than HUF 4 billion.

The article was published in the Autumn/Winter 2022 issue of Béres Egészség Magazine.



Published on:2022.09.06