Board of Directors



I believe that for any business, a creed, or a belief, that guides the company in its dealings is important. My father, József Béres Sr., expressed our creed thus: “Let the idea be good and true”. This “good idea”, to put it simply, was Béres Drops: our most important inheritance. After the company was founded, this product was at the focus of our attentions, and our later products grew out of the “philosophy” that underlay it. It also provided the base we needed to continue providing a service that was useful to society. Our thinking is shaped by our deep appreciation of life and health, the desire to improve people’s quality of life, and we believe our success in business is inseparable from the ethics that underpin it. We live and work purposefully in accordance with our values: we pursue our work with humility and we remain conscious of our obligation to help the sick, the deprived and the poor. All this would not be achievable without a reputation based on solid professionalism and a team of outstanding employees able to implement our goals consistently on a daily basis. It is gratifying to me and augurs well for the future that the next generation of the family has chosen to join Béres and take the company to the next level.


Communications Director,
Chair of the Béres Foundation

I consider it a gift of fate, if you will, that I joined the Béres family at a young age and was able to meet my father-in-law in person. At that time, we were experiencing the most difficult period in the history of the company: Béres Drops had been rejected and József Béres Senior was being called a quack. His unwavering perseverance, his sense of responsibility for his fellow human beings and his love for his country became my most important source of fortitude. With this moral heritage, I can draw on values that provide a solid basis for our decisions, and we can all face our challenges with confidence. At the same time, I draw strength and inspiration every day from the knowledge that our efforts serve the greatest cause of all – people’s health and wellbeing. When I look back at the successes of the past decades, it fills me with joy to see that we have always advanced in harmony with the example set by József Béres. And I know that, somewhere out there, he is proud of us too.


Vice President,
Director of Innovation and Portfolio Management

The basis of our success is the ethos inherited from my grandfather, which infuses the entire Béres team: a firm belief in, and consistent commitment to outstanding professionalism and the Béres quality standard. In all fields. We develop, manufacture and market products that are based on the latest know-how, in the highest possible quality, often beyond the standards set by the legal requirements, products that everyone can consume with confidence, and that we ourselves use. Our aim is not to maximise our profits over the short term, but to help our customers lead healthier, happier lives. It is our duty to maintain our reputation for authenticity.


Chief Executive Officer

Besides our company’s stable and dependable management, my greatest source of pride as CEO of Béres is our continuous growth, which we have achieved on our own merits by drawing on our scientific expertise and knowledge of the market. It’s a great feeling to be part of the work of the Béres team, which is characterised by commitment, diligence and innovative thinking. The key to our success is continuous development and innovation, and a solid professional and human base. It is through this that we ensure the high quality of our products – and it is to this, in turn, that we owe our reputation in preserving human health. Our most valuable asset is, after all, the trust that our customers have in us.


Director of Finance

For me, working for Béres means being part of a quest I can be proud of, building on a received example of humanity, diligence and thoroughness, and acting consistently with that, in a place where every employee can identify with the injunction of the company’s founder: “… cure, without doing harm…”. There is perfect harmony between what the outside world sees and our internal values: Béres is a close, friendly community that regards the preservation of people’s health as its core mission and purpose, while at the same time creating value for its owners. This authenticity is what characterises Béres, and it is one of the secrets of its success.


Deputy Communications Director

I grew up with Béres and as I grew, I became increasingly proud to be a Béres. My parents always talked about the company as a big family, and that’s how I think of it, too. Our employees are very important to me; we could not be successful without them. Way beyond our business goals, we are held together by our legacy – my grandfather’s ethos. To this day, this ethos is a defining and guiding force not just for our family but for our employees too. It is also the basis of the Béres quality that infuses everything we do. This is coupled with a long-term approach, meaning that it is not only being successful today that counts, but that it is vital to sustain and build on that success across generations.