Awards and accolades

Széchenyi Prize

Awarded by Ferenc Mádl, President of the Republic of Hungary, to the researcher and Chairman of Béres Ltd. Dr. József Béres for his contribution to the creation of infrastructure vital for the provision of healthcare and for his tireless work in the protection of health and the strengthening of the immune system.

March 15, 2002.

Business Integrity Award

Dr. József Béres was the first person in Europe to receive the Business Integrity Award from charity-and-humanitarian organisation Rotary International on account of the fact that “his life’s work is a testament to the highest moral standards, and the company he founded is an outstanding model of integrity in the conduct of business”. English edition of Klára Béres’s book “Szirtfoknak lenni” – “Rock in Tempest Standing”.

November 22, 2002.

Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin Medal

An accolade presented by the Office of the President of the Russian Cosmonautics Federation for advances in the reacclimatising treatment of cosmonauts following spaceflight.

March 11, 2000.

Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, Officer’s Cross

Dr. József Béres Sr. receives the Order of Merit, Officer’s Cross for his work promoting the societal acceptance of the merits of health preservation.

August 20, 1997.

The life and work of renowned Hungarian researcher
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