Dr. József Béres Sr.

“I’ve never given up on the life of a fellow human being, nor do I intend to now, nor could I. I have a different purpose in this world.”
Dr. József Béres Sr.

Dr. József Béres Sr. was an agricultural engineer – a healer of the soil, of plants, of animals, and then of people.

Béres Drops, which have been used every day by hundreds of thousands of people for decades to preserve their health and support their immune system, were born out of a love of the earth: they are akin to a bow before the power and wisdom of nature. It is an idea that emerged from a single mind, one that helps us find our way back to our roots. It channels the balance found in nature to create harmony within us.

The life of Dr. József Béres Sr. was a constant struggle against those who were envious of him, and a tireless labour of love for the sick and for the community. Dr. József Béres Sr. created Béres Drops in 1972. Although the researcher himself soon gained a reputation, it was not possible for the product to garner much attention until the change of regime. József Béres never gave up, however, and today, family-owned Béres Pharmaceuticals is one of the most successful of Hungarian companies, which, in addition to Béres Drops, markets a host of other products that help us preserve our health.

His life is one of the most beautiful examples of diligence, perseverance, ingenuity, hard work, helpfulness, and faith in the community. Although he said many times that “no one can be a prophet in his own country,” he has indeed become one. His extraordinary commitment to his vocation and purpose in life made him a legend even in his own lifetime. He lived among us from 1920 to 2006.

The name of Béres József has been preserved in the names of numerous institutions, public spaces and monuments. There is a statue of him in his hometown and another at the Semmelweis Museum of Medical History among the other great healers of Hungary. His life story has been told and re-told in numerous books, plays and documentaries, and in 2019 a television film series was produced about him entitled Cseppben az élet (Life in a Drop). In February 2020 a feature film portraying the most dramatic part of his life was released in cinemas: A feltaláló (The Inventor). 

Major prizes and acknowledgments:

  • Széchenyi Prize
    Awarded by Ferenc Mádl, President of the Republic of Hungary, to the researcher and Chairman of Béres Ltd. Dr. József Béres for his contribution to the creation of infrastructure vital for the provision of healthcare and for his tireless work in the protection of health and the strengthening of the immune system. (15 March 2002)
  • Business Integrity Award
    Dr. József Béres was the first person in Europe to receive the Business Integrity Award from charity-and-humanitarian organisation Rotary International on account of the fact that “his life’s work is a testament to the highest moral standards, and the company he founded is an outstanding model of integrity in the conduct of business”. English edition of Klára Béres’s book “Szirtfoknak lenni” – “Rock in Tempest Standing”. (22 November 2002)
  • Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin Medal
    An accolade presented by the Office of the President of the Russian Cosmonautics Federation for advances in the reacclimatising treatment of cosmonauts following spaceflight. (11 March 2000)
  • Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, Officer’s Cross
    Sr. József Béres Sr. receives the Order of Merit, Officer’s Cross for his work promoting the societal acceptance of the merits of health preservation. (20 August 1997)

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