Production, Research and Development


  • dry granulation (compaction),
  • homogenization of powders,
  • tableting by direct compression (no wet granulation),
  • film-coating,
  • hard gel capsule filling,
  • liquid filling,
  • gummy vitamin production,
  • automated packaging,
  • serialization.

Our entire product manufacturing process – from procurement to delivery of the finished product – is characterised by full compliance with GMP and/or HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) regulations. 

Béres products are produced in a proprietary factory in Szolnok, with a clean-floor area of 6,500.

In 2020, our production output exceeded 20 million boxes, 800 million tablets and 212 thousand litres of Béres Drops. 

For this ever-increasing volume of production, continuous developments are needed. A HUF 7 billion investment was launched in the autumn of 2019, which is expected to be completed in 2021. As part of the development, we will increase the production area at the factory, expand and modernise production technology, and acquire additional equipment for our quality control and research-and-development laboratories. 

Our professional R&D base employs highly qualified, experienced professionals.  

A dedicated Innovation Group (acting as a centre of excellence) ensures continuous development and innovation based on the latest scientific findings and consumer insights.

We monitor our products throughout their entire lifecycle and comply with GVP regulations for medicines and medical devices.