Béres Drops production line overhauled with the help of robot technology

A new production section was inaugurated on 12 October at the Szolnok site of Béres Pharmaceuticals. As part of the investment, the cleanroom production area essential for pharmaceutical manufacturing has been expanded, storage capacity increased, and world-class production and laboratory equipment purchased. The handover celebrations were attended by Mihály Varga, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

Béres has grown continuously since it was founded in 1989, and today it is the largest Hungarian privately-owned pharmaceutical manufacturer in the country. With a 39.4% share, the company is the market leader in the health-preserving self-medication market; its products are authentic, and highly appreciated by the public, and the firm’s emblematic product, Béres Drops, is one of Hungary’s best-known products for supporting the immune system.

The company bought the site in Szolnok back in 1995. Alongside day-to-day production processes, the past 25 years have been marked by investments aimed at constant upgrade and improvement. So far – together with this latest investment – more than HUF 15 billion in real estate developments and machinery and equipment purchases have been implemented at the company. These investments were necessitated by constantly growing market demand for Béres’ products. The number of employees in Szolnok has increased from the initial 64 to 402, making Béres one of the largest private employers in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county.

Through its latest investment valued at HUF 6.7 billion, Béres Pharmaceuticals has increased its cleanroom production area by 2,050 m2. The production of its flagship product, Béres Drops, has been hugely enhanced through the installation of a state-of-the-art robot technology production line; new production and lab equipment has been purchased and storage capacities have been increased. The investment was supported by a non-refundable state grant of HUF 3.04 billion under the Ministry of Finance’s Large Enterprise Investment Support Programme.

Minister of Finance Mihály Varga emphasised: “Béres Pharmaceuticals has been a centre of certainty in the lives of Hungarians for decades now – not just for the people who work here, but for their suppliers and consumers as well. The formula for its success has been written before our eyes and includes, in equal measure, applied intelligence, hard work, sacrifice and innovation.”

Dr. József Béres, Chairman of Béres Pharmaceuticals, said at the inauguration of the new production section: “Preventing diseases is easier than curing them,” my father Dr. József Béres Sr. used to say. This approach, the importance of prevention, what we might call now its vital nature – unfortunately underlined by the health tests of the past year – is now commonplace. These days, the various methods and options available for protecting health are increasing in importance. Protecting the body from disease is more relevant today than it ever was. We have more than 150 inhouse-developed and manufactured products; our medicinal products are innovative and of excellent quality, our communication is professionally sound, and Béres Pharmaceuticals is a highly respected company in the eyes of the profession, our customers, our consumers and the market. Continuous expansion of production is required due to growing market demand.”

Dr. József Béres ended his speech with the following words: “We live in a difficult world, and there are many trails we have to deal with. But we’re on the same path that we’ve always been on – applying timeless values, and working consciously and with appropriate humility for the benefit of our fellow human beings.”

Published on:2021.11.18